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Find jobs & apply or Invite client with a proposal

Service contract with client & Legally correct employment contract with Patremote

Insurance coverage against unemployment, accident, sickness

Accounting of all social security contributions, taxes and insurance premiums

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The New Work Order is here: work as a freelancer - be covered as an employee. Just set up your data for the payroll securely in your profile and start 'invoice to payroll' whenever you wish to. We cover all your risks.


       FEATURES Contract with Patremote Self employed
    Offering/Invoicing Free Subscription rate by provider
Paperwork with authorities

Managed for you by PatronPay  

Between you and commercial Register/private Insurance

 ► Unemployment 

 ► Accident/Sickness 

 ► Family allowance 

 ► Pension fund

 ► Oasi

► None


3% (of amount charged)

100% loss of work risk


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01  Benefits of salary portage with Patremote

Wage portage allows you to benefit of the advantages of the employee status while remaining autonomous in your activities. You invoice your client using our platform and we transform the invoiced amount into a salary. You are now covered by all social insurances according to swiss law.

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02  Send invoices and proposals with your logo.

Make service offers to your client easily by email from your dashboard. Offer as you like: hourly, daily, fixed and monthly rate. After the terms of the deal are accepted you can start tracking your time and invoice in the workstream.
Receive invitations to private jobs from your clients check the public jobs. 

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03  Patremote - the only middleman you will ever need in the metaverse

We bridge the old and new world.

If you contibute to a DAO and get paid in crypto currencies you work unprotected. Issue your invoice in crypto and we manage the payroll administration for you. 

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Let freelancers discover you

Post Job Quickly, Receive Responses Even Quicker.

Post publicly or invite the person you already established a working relationship. Patremote let's you continue your project within a legally secure framework. Eliminate the risk of bogus self employment from the start and accomplish your goals worry-free and free of charge. Say goodbye to overpaid recruiters and use your budget for the person that actually works for your project.

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Offers - Invoice - Payrolling

Patremote provides you with a labor contract for the service agreement between you and your client. After the agreements acceptance, the offered job will be done based on the chosen hourly, daily, fixed or monthly wages. Regardless of your specific agreement with your client - the amount will be transformed into a salary. Patremotes system will generate the payslips and store them in your personal account. All the insurances an employee enjoys with a common working contract also apply to you.


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