The freedom of a freelancer. The benefits of an employee.

Transform your freelance collaborations into legally secure
working contracts and enjoy all the social securities of an employee.

Why Patremote

Symplifying your insurance for you and your business Partner

We will make sure everything is legal and sorted out. Every signed-up freelancer can register their clients and send them invoices. For each project, they receive an employment contract and their wages from us.

You do no longer need to be settling the AHV contributions yourself and pay up ridicilously high premiums for private insurance. Pension fund, risks of unemployment, illness or accident are solved with Patremote. Converting Incomes to salaries frees you from all the hassle.

Remain autonomous in your activities while getting covered by all social insurances according to Swiss law. All integrated seamlessly with a simple interface. We handle the admin, billing, and tech so you can focus on your best work. Invoice your client using our platform and we will transform the invoiced amount into a salary.



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Enjoy the benefits of salary portage

Taxes are complicated, time consuming and can be confusing. With PatronPay, you'll have the power to start immediately, without having to worry about monthly fees or any other unnecessary costs.

Imagine how much time would you save if taxes were perfected to the last cent; if you could focus just on your business. Using Patremote, you can perfect your monthly tax deduction and maximize your productivity. Patremote is a an invoice to salary converter that let's you break free from bureaucracy.

Worry less in your daily working life. If you change your status to an employee with Patremote, your risks are covered. Check out the links below to learn about the different insurances benefits: 

  • Unemployment benefits If you have worked for at least 12 months in the last two years before you apply, you are entitled to daily allowances (70 to 80% of your average income).
  • Accident and sickness benefits  If you are unable to work as the result of an accident, as of the third day following your accident you are entitled to a daily allowance corresponding to 80% of your salary.
  • Family allowance You receive a monthly allowance of CHF 200 for each child aged 0 to 16 (or until the age of 20 if the child is not working due to health problems). For children in education up to the age of 25, the allowance is CHF 250 a month.
  • Old age and survivors insurance (oasi) The mandatory first pillar consists mainly of old age and survivors’ insurance. Its objective is to ensure you have enough income to live a sustainable life and a stable pension after retirement
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Build a pension fund as a freelancer

With your salary from us, you are part of the AXA Pension plan. You can calculate your pension for retirement or the impact on pension benefits of an advance withdrawal for the purchase of your home as well as a voluntary payment for tax optimization.

Pension fund  The Swiss system of retirement provision consists of three pillars. Together with the 1st (state) pillar (old-age insurance), the main aim of the 2nd (occupational) pillar is to ensure that you have a decent income in retirement. You can use your 2nd pillar capital before you retire to buy a home, pay off a mortgage, or acquire shares in a housing cooperative. Furthermore, the pension capital gets paid out if you leave Switzerland for good. 

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Salary Breakdown

Sample calculation with a gross wage of 5.000 CHF
Employer and Employee contribution over the deductions
  • Gross wage worker/Month5,000.00 CHF
  • PatronPay Fee (3%)150.00 CHF
  • Expenses in accordance with OR 327 Fr.
    OR Flat-rate expenses (%3.5)
    175.00 CHF
  • Employer pension contribution (50%)169.75 CHF
  • Employee pension contribution (50%)169.75 CHF
  • (AHV/IV/EO) (5.3%+5.3%)530.00 CHF
  • ALV (1.1%+1.1)110.00 CHF
  • (FAK, VK, KTV, BU)263.76 CHF

Net Wage

3,431.74 CHF

Calculate your Salary

How much would be your contributions, deductions and net wage using Patremote

1 How do you charge your client?

What is your hourly wage?

2B How many
did you work on the project?

3 Did you sustain any extraordinary expenses while working on the project?

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3B How much were your extraordinary expenses?

4 How much are your flat rate expenses?

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5 How old are you?

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How it works


Sign the general working contract with PatronPay

Sign the general working contract and enter your payroll data for the salary run. 

PatronPay will be your employer for each project you choose thereafter. PatronPay provides you with the advantages of an employee under swiss labor law.


Invoice your client

Offer as you like: hourly, daily, fixed, and monthly rates.  Track your work in the workstream and invoice your client whenever you wish. 


Sit back and relax as we take care of payrolling

Freelance from the comfort of your home. Earn the way you want, work without restrictions and benefit from the latest insurance and social contributions services at 3% flat fees. All contributions will be transfered to the compensation office and AXA Insurance in your name. 

PatronPay will generate the payslips and stores them in your personal account. Makes it easier to keep track and download them for the tax declaration. 


Get your money

Net payment is transferred to your bank account upon order completion of your client's payment within 24 hours.


Payrolling is a modern employment and accounting model whereby the employee (e.g. freelancer, contractor, temporary worker) is not employed by the actual client (company), but by a payroll service provider. This offers you the freedom to choose how you want to work while you are 100% insured as an employee with us.

Once you log into the platform and share your personal details with us, we can create your Employment agreement. The Employee Agreement is uploaded to the employee's app and ready to sign. Once you signed you can invoice any client you create in your dashboard - we deliver the salary payment after the invoice is paid.

PatronPay acts as the intermediary between you (the employee) and the company you're working for. Deel engages with both parties using separate agreements. While you perform your duties for your client you get hired and paid by PatronPay.

We run payroll once your client has paid the invoice. We'll cover all taxes and benefits automatically per local regulations. You'll receive your payment directly to your bank account, and your payslips will be available after getting paid.

Please be sure to keep your payroll profile up do date in case of new events. If something changes, we may need to update info like tax forms or your Employee Agreement. Making timely adjustments is crucial; otherwise, you could pay more taxes or receive more allowances, which can be a compliance issue. If you're not sure whether or not this applies to your circumstance, please reach out. We're happy to help.

You are entitled to all mandatory benefits (sickness and accident allowances, unemployment insurance, pension plan, etc.) as per the local labor law of Switzerland. Check the Swiss local labor law regulations to obtain more information about what kind of benefits are provided in Switzerland.

PatronPay is a swiss based Freelancer Marketplace, payroll and compliance hiring service built for remote teams. That means anyone, anywhere in Switzerland can get hired and paid with PatronPay. By using PatronPays Market Platform Patremote, freelancer and companies can use the tech-enabled self-serve process, to legally hire and onboard as an employee or independent contractors across Switzerland.