New Work is here to stay and so is PatronPay: Use the right tools and hire skills, not people - we take care of the people working for you.

You don't have to post a public job to create a contract with a freelancer. Just send a contract offer directly to the email address of your favorite contractor. If they don't have a Patremote account, they'll be asked to sign up so they can view and accept or adjust your offer. When you do post a job publicly, you'll receive proposals and you can reach out to whether or not they apply. You can also invite any freelancers you like from our marketplace to apply. 

Patremote helps you to be compliant with the legal framework in Switzerland: 

If you work with freelancers from Switzerland, you only have the option of employing or paying them as a self-employed contractor. Onboarding with all the legal formalities and regulations as well as registering with the compensation office might not be the way an efficient company wants to on- and offboard human resources for projects.

On the other hand, free contractors have to be settling the OASI contributions themselves and are not sufficiently insured. Many freelancers who often work for the same or several clients are therefore confronted with a considerable administrative burden and are also left to their own devices in case of unemployment, sickness- or accident leave. For self-employed this can be difficult and takes time an energy away from their core business. 

PatronPay was founded to tackle those problems with an easy solution that provides you those benefits without you having to work through all existing insurance solutions yourself. You post the job, monitor the progress and pay out for accomplishments and that is it. The rest is up to us. 


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