How It Works

Patremote helps you as an already established freelancer as well as starter. Your journey as a contractor in any chosen industry is set up into a system where you don't have to check how you invoice your clients and be aware of all possible minimum hourly rates you can charge. All the informations are provided to you in our invoice and salary calculator. The work you put in should be devoted to the task at hand and Patremote supports you with the legal framework. It automaticaly provides you with fair parametres for your working life. With each job you agree on, the invoiced amount will be transformed into a salary. 


For the purpose of a precise and transparent  explanation of "how it works" and "Terms & Conditions":

  • PatronPay or Patremote: the website and database containing the information provided by Principals and Agents  (contact details, skills, projects, history, etc.). The Platform is composed of a Freelance part and a Principal part. Agents have access to the projects corresponding to their category(ies) and Principals have access to the Agents profiles corresponding to the category of the project. No data is accessible to Internet users who are not duly validated users of Patremote

  • Agent: any natural person who registers on the Platform to offer services to Companies. Since Salary portage is subject to Swiss labor laws and the LSE, the Agent must meet the conditions to be able to work on the territory of Switzerland.

  • Principal: any natural or legal person who registers on the Platform and who is interested in the services of an Agent who will be on salary portage by SPS for the duration of the assignment.

  • User: a Principal or Agent registered on Patremote.

  • Internet User: any natural person or legal entity, who consults the site without being a User.

  • Project: any task defined in a duration, published on Patremote with the purpose to hire an Agent to perform this task.

  • Proposal: offer of services made by a Freelancer in relation to a Project.

Patremote provides you and your client with a legally compliant service contract while you get an employment contract with us. This way you work in an employment relationship for the time you work for your client. The following steps are integrated in the "all in one" solution with Patremotes platform:


  • The independent contractor searches for his or her clients or has already established a working relationship.

  • The independent consultant signs a contract with the client and the wage portage company at the same time. Both contracts are provided automatically by signing the specific deal with the client.

  • The independent consultant is then an independent contractor.

  • The clients pay the invoice to the wage portage company where the amount gets transformed into a salary.

  • The independent contractor gets the net amount and the social insurance deductions will be paid to the insurance providers.


You will benefit from all social insurances an employee does: - OASI contributions,  unemployment insurance, daily benefits insurance in case of sickness or accident - Pension fund, child allowances and withholding taxes if you are taxed at source. Patremote transforms the billed gross amount and deducts from there according to swiss law.


Employer social benefits:

→ 5.3 % OASI/AVS (old age and survivors insurance)

→ 1.10 % UI (Unemployment insurance)

→ 0.30 % OASI admin fee

→ 1.30 %  Family compensation fund

→ Sickness daily allowance

→ Occupational accident insurance

Employee social deductions:

→ 5.30 % OASI (old age and survivors insurance)

→ 1.10 % UI (Unemployment insurance)

→ Sickness daily allowance

→ Non-occupational insurance