Our Story

Patremote did not start out as a business idea. About 20 years ago, I joined a labor union and started working for the unemployment fund. Many appointments with union members working as free contractors were often not aware of their lack of insurance in case of shortage of orders or unexpected events that invalidates to carry on working in their specific industry. Switzerland strictly separates your legal status to employed and self-employed whereas the latter have no social insurances or pension fund and be left alone in times of shortage of orders. As the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated: especially the tech-reliant way of working has been pushed even further and gig economy will take over many industries. 

At PatronPay, we understand that, as a freelancer, you have lots of things to worry about. That’s why we've designed Patremote to take care of all those little details that can cause big problems. We're a startup that helps independent workers get the benefits they need, like insurance, to protect them from the risks of self-employment. Patremote was designed as an alternative to the exhaustive processes with authorities, which for the affected person anyway only ends in minimal security of the OASI (old age and survivors insurance). Instead, Patremote helps freelancers work from home—without all the hassles. We are here to take the headaches out of finding insurance so you can focus on more important things. By using our platform Patremote you invoice your clients as an employee of PatronPay GmbH registered in Zurich. You only confirm the contract after the signup and all you need to do after is to invoice your client through your Patremote-Account and work as usual - but this time completely insured as an employee.